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SharePoint Fest Webinar Announced: Analytics for SharePoint Online

March 25th, 2015

SharePoint Fest in Washington D.C is right around the corner.

CardioLog Analytics is announcing an upcoming webinar that will be held just before SPFest!

This exciting webinar will surround SharePoint “In the Cloud”, with a special focus on how analytics can help improve SharePoint Online. As Microsoft’s cloud-based platform is having a dramatic impact on the way many organizations structure their IT functions, it’s important to stay up-to-date with all the newest functionalities in SharePoint.

By attending this webinar, you will gain first-hand knowledge on how to improve your SharePoint Online portal with CardioLog Analytics. A variety of reports will be shown, assisting you in the enhancement of collaboration, engagement, and optimization.
















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Nordson Transforms their SharePoint Portal with CardioLog Analytics

March 16th, 2015












As a large enterprise, Nordson was searching for an efficient and streamlined solution to increase their employee usage for their portal that hosts over 5,000 users. By employing analytics, they were able to boost their internal newsletter readership, which then initiated interest in their broader portal.

CardioLog Analytics was able to increase Nordson’s end-user engagement far beyond Nordson’s initial expectations. By allowing the enterprise to track their portal goals, they were able to assess user adoption rates, engagement, and content performance. They increased the readership of their company newsletter and gained a high level of understanding regarding their end-users interactions.

Nordson leveraged sophisticated metrics to transform their newsletter readership. By monitoring visitor activity, usage, and portal navigation, they were able to situate articles, newsletter links, and accessibility to increase their usage and engagement reach. The members of the communication department developed a step-by=step plan so they could optimize their portal design, ensuring that it was consistent with the company’s IT department and with their SharePoint administration team.

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CardioLog Analytics Heads to the Nation’s Capital

March 3rd, 2015

Learn from the top SharePoint experts at SharePoint Fest D.CThe team at CardioLog Analytics is excited to announce we’ll be exhibiting in Washington D.C for SharePoint Fest from April 8th to the 10th.

SharePoint Fest- D.C will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, and will showcase a variety of sessions, speakers, and vendors for SharePoint administrators, software developers, information architects, and knowledge workers. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear top SharePoint thinkers and SharePoint MVPs speak on some of the most exciting topics promulgating in the SharePoint community today.

Over 70 sessions will be offered with multiple tracks covering topics such as:

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Power Users
  • Social SharePoint
  • Business Value
  • Implementation/Administration
  • Office 365
  • Workflow
  • Business Intelligence
  • Special Topics
  • SharePoint Development
  • And More…

3 Takeaways from SPTechCon 2015

February 19th, 2015

SPTechCon was yet again four exciting days of top SharePoint MVP and expert speakers, 80 classes and tutorials, exciting new vendor displays, and panels focused on changes in SharePoint. The team from CardioLog Analytics was excited to touch down in the Lone Star State and have an opportunity to learn and network with some of the fastest SharePoint minds in the community.

Intlock team at SpTechCon, 2015

The CardioLog Analytics team at SpTechCon Austin 2015

SPTechCon 2015 Takeaways:

  1. SharePoint User Adoption is still a challenge many organizations face

    Just because an organization has deployed SharePoint, and its employees have signed up for the portal, doesn’t necessarily mean that the portal is being utilized to its full potential. Many organizations invest large amounts of time and money into deploying and maintaining their portals, so it’s important that the users are gaining the most from them. User adoption is key for ensuring that the ROI of the portal is being actualized. Analytics are an important method for measuring adoption, and thus determining what steps should be taken to improve user engagement and adoption levels.

  2. SharePoint Decision Makers are at a Crossroad: On Prem V. Cloud
    Many organizations now are facing a crossroad they may not have foreseen. To remain with an on-premises solution, or to migrate to the cloud with SharePoint Online. Although many organizations are still sticking to their guns, and remaining with their on-premises solution, many have taken on a new perspective when it comes to migrating to the cloud. Analytics are key for planning, testing, and implementing the appropriate tools for the Migration process.
  3. Social is still buzzing
    Integrating Social into the Enterprise is becoming not just trendy, but necessary to many organizational decision makers. They have indeed began gaining enthusiasm regarding Yammer, SharePoint Social, Sitrion, and other platforms. By generating reports for Enterprise Social Networks, organizations can gain the upper hand in knowing exactly what’s going on within their platforms. The overall user experience within the social platform can be enriched with the use of analytics, and can help organizations reach their platform goals.


The event itself was a great way to prepare for the Microsoft Ignite Conference that we will attend this May in Chicago.

CardioLog Analytics Gears Up for SPTechCon with an Exclusive Webinar Series

January 25th, 2015

A three-part webinar series dedicated to SPTechCon

Intlock at SPTechCon '15

Will you be attending or following SPTechCon in Austin on February 8th through 11th? We’re excited to announce that we will be hosting an exclusive webinar series dedicated to the upcoming conference, focusing on three of the most important topics regarding SharePoint reporting today. Get an inside look at how reporting can help you to improve your social platform, migration process, or portal adoption. Reserve your spot for a comprehensive understanding of how reporting can enhance your organization’s SharePoint portal.

Social Analytics for SharePoint Success – Tuesday, January 27th 2015 11AM EST

Are you employing Social for your portal? Register for an exclusive webinar dedicated to Social Analytics. Learn which metrics are most important for reporting on SharePoint, Yammer, and Sitrion.

Top Metrics for SharePoint Portal Migration- Tuesday, Feb 3rd, 2015 11AM EST

Ease your SharePoint migration process and improve your portal by learning about the top metrics you can employ. Find out how reporting can help you to optimize your portal throughout the entire Migration process.

Top 5 Ways to Measure SharePoint Portal Adoption- Thursday February 5th 2015 11AM EST

Looking to increase user and department interaction and collaboration within the portal? Find out how you can spark portal engagement with five of the top ways to measure SharePoint portal adoption.