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Intlock Connects in Amsterdam

November 27th, 2014

Intlock attends SharePoint Connect 2014 in Amsterdam

Intlock crew in Amsterdam

November 19th, 2014, brought an end to the annual SharePoint Connect 2014 conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The annual SharePoint Connect conference is a 3-day international conference, and this year’s event featured a diverse group of attendees representing all segments of the SharePoint community. Attendees such as IT pro’s, business users and developers joined together to share a dialogue about the most recent updates, and best practices in SharePoint. The agenda of this year’s SharePoint conference consisted of a series of sessions about Integration, Cloud, Web Development, Mobile Apps, Social, Hybrid, Migration, and much more.

Intlock was pleased to be a part of such a forward-thinking conference, with a unique  opportunity to hear from Keynote speakers such as Chris Johnson on “The Road to Office 365 and the Future of Cloud Development, as well as Christian Buckley who spoke about “SharePoint Social Integration: Good, Better, Best”. Microsoft is pioneering the way to integrate social into the overall business strategy of organizations, and Christian Buckley touched on these very subjects as he walked through the levels of SharePoint and Yammer integration available today. Buckley provided real world examples and guidance, driving the point home when emphasizing the need to make informed choices in order to develop the right social strategy per various organizations.

When presenting CardioLog Analytics, attendees quickly saw how they can drive collaboration within the portal thanks to the deep analytic reports, as well as the engagement and survey tools offered. On numerous occasions, the value of a robust measurement strategy was presented by Intlock, as well as many other speakers, professionals, and attendees. One of the first steps in managing a SharePoint portal is acquiring data-specific analytics, and this theme rang true throughout the course of the conference.

As the SharePoint community continues to evolve, Intlock has adapted their Intranet analytics solution, CardioLog Analytics, to also keep up with all of the new features and roadmaps existing within the industry including SharePoint, Yammer, and Sitrion. As an organization that always has its sights on the new frontier, Intlock was thrilled to be included in this innovative two day event, surrounded by leaders in the SharePoint world that share a similar vision for improving and advancing the SharePoint experience.

Intlock takes on Amsterdam!

November 16th, 2014

Don’t miss us at SharePoint Connect 2014

SharePoint connect 2014

So, what is Intlock up to lately? This fall, join the Intlock as we arrive on the European front for an exciting two day conference in Amsterdam. As we’re always striving to accommodate SharePoint users in their analytic endeavors, we will be showcasing CardioLog Analytics as well as SharePoint Marketing Suite at SharePoint Connect 2014 in Amsterdam from November 18th to 19th at the Meervaart Theatre. Amsterdam is one of the various destinations on the horizon for Inlock as we end 2014 and begin 2015. We are striving to extend our expertise to organizations searching for precise and visionary insights into their portal activity.

SharePoint Connect 2014 is an event of great interest to us because the agenda for this year reflects many of the challenges as well as exciting opportunities we recognize within the SharePoint portal. By offering a variety of sessions, keynote speakers, and workshops, the event gives us a unique opportunity to join the conversation about these major changes and offer insights into how our analytics tool is adapting to these changes.

We will be located at booth #2 and we are looking forward to showcasing our extensive offering of analytics reports, social network metrics and usage reports, as well as our high level of our expertise in the field of SharePoint analytics. We are ready to reach out to the SharePoint community in Amsterdam and internationally with our advanced solution. If you’re curious how Intlock is adapting our various analytic tools to some of SharePoint’s newest features (integration, cloud, mobile, social, migration, and more), we invite you to come by our booth and visit for a demonstration. You are also invited to enter a prize drawing for the chance to win a very special prize!

For more information, please email or call 1-617-500-8461.

Social Analytics: SharePoint, Yammer, and Sitrion

November 10th, 2014

Gain valuable insights regarding social features within SharePoint, Yammer, and Sitrion in this insightful webinar with CardioLog Analytics.

In a world that is becoming increasingly more connected and social, it’s no longer acceptable for intranets to just link to tools and resources. Enterprises can use these social tools as a way of improving productivity and inspiring collaboration for stand alone solutions or with integration into SharePoint portals. These tools have empowered employees to communicate across their organizations, identify expertise, give them a voice, and accelerate teamwork. Furthermore, these social features have improved response time in order to evolve with the changing needs of employees, partners and customers.

It’s quite obvious that these social tools are becoming an integral part of corporate communication, as Microsoft is pushing heavily to recommend Yammer for SharePoint 2013 as it is forecasted to dominate the SharePoint social front. Therefore, it’s equally important to implement analytics in order to expose a variety of details about social activity within intranet portals. Identifying which social paths need to be expanded, and focusing in on those that are already successful can be as easy as a few clicks and a CardioLog Analytics social report.

This instructive webinar with CardioLog Analytics examines the most important metrics enterprises should be evaluating in order to boost these social tools. The metrics discussed will be broken down so that understanding CardioLog Analytics’ reports will become second-nature.

Metrics to be discussed during the webinar include:

  • Likes
  • Rated Content
  • Influential Users
  • Followers
  • Communities Activity
  • Active Groups
  • User Adoption
  • Praised Users
  • Posts

>> Registration for the webinar is now open

CardioLog Analytics Social Report Site Offers Information and Insight: Yammer Analytics, Sitrion Analytics and SharePoint Social Reports included in our Solution.


Who isn’t getting excited about Enterprise Social Networks and their integration into SharePoint? The answer certainly isn’t us as the team of experts within the CardioLog Analytics team are thrilled to announce the launch of the official CardioLog Analytics Social Analytics reports website.

This page has been designed to fully ensure that our existing and potential users are not only well informed and enthusiastically kept up to date on our Yammer, Sitrion and SharePoint Social reports, but also to share the knowledge and in-depth metrics these reports from CardioLog Analytics offer.

With reports that touch on the most pressing issues of ESN activity within SharePoint sites, such as user activity, groups activity and inactivity, external network growth and the top groups within a platform like Yammer integrated in SharePoint, CardioLog Analytics is an asset to any organization using Yammer within their SharePoint portal. Our social reports contribution to the users of our solution is an out of the box set of reports that can analyze Yammer, Sitrion, and SharePoint Social included in SharePoint 2013. We’ve also ensure that whoever’s getting praised on Yammer is notable in our metrics, along with adoption rates and more.

What’s inspiring about this new vision of social activity within your SharePoint portal is an all in one approach that isn’t available with any other SharePoint Analytics tool out on the market. CardioLog Analytics is truly the only tool that offers SharePoint visitor, navigation and search metrics that can be placed side by side Yammer, Sitrion or any other third party tool integrated into SharePoint all in one super-efficient dashboard. This is the essence of the CardioLog Analytics tool: a total package. Check out our new Social Analytics site and enjoy.

For more information on our Social Analytics reports, please contact or call: +1-617-500-8461

Watch This and Report It to the Executives and the Entire Enterprise: View Videos in SharePoint Portals and Generate Usage Reports with CardioLog Analytics


With YouTube videos, webinars, content files, and other video files uploaded into SharePoint more frequently each day, CardioLog Analytics has conquered another chapter in the development of SharePoint analytics reporting. Our team of experts have developed supreme video reports that can analyze portal video activity and usage, offering a realistic and statistical vision of video usage and activity within SharePoint portals. You can identify which videos are active or inactive based on the number of views, or lack of views, within a specific date range.

Reports on videos that are in inactive offer an indication of videos possibly both occupying storage space, and/or may be irrelevant to boost productivity levels. On the other hand, these videos may simply have been misplaced within your SharePoint portal’s design and aren’t easily accessible, therefore not yielding the viewing results intended and hoped for. Potentially, your SharePoint portal may contain a video that could be crucial for product training and user experience, be it a webinar, product information clip, or a video from Human resources, and it can be hidden and difficult to access within your SharePoint portal, situated in a subsite, blog, wiki or anywhere that is not frequently accessed by users, or the video may have a file name that’s unrelated to the content of the video itself and thus yields failed search results. Without metrics that indicate this video is inactive, how can an organization know that their portal requires optimization? How can you pinpoint that the video and its accessibility is limited, and thus resulting in minimal usage?

The answer to this challenging question is simple: CardioLog Analytics video reports.

If a video or several videos are inactive, organizations that upload these videos into SharePoint portals can identify their inactivity and potentially resituate, repost or optimize their SharePoint portal videos to ensure users have better access to them. Ensure videos are readily available to SharePoint users to increase company efficiency and productivity.

Another exclusive report CardioLog Analytics offers is our Video Interaction report, fierce in its ability to articulate how many plays, autoplays, pauses, stops and total interactions a specific video acquires within SharePoint. As an organization seeks usage data and insights on useful videos that may be popular for reasons unknown to them yet, this exact report can help organizations sift out the real diamonds in the rough among their SharePoint videos. Metrics offered for this report can also be filtered according to date range, (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually), along with the ability to generate statistics on specific subsites, and/or according to SharePoint Active Directory and User Profiles and various visitor segments.

Other reports that are included in CardioLog Analytics roster of video reports are Video Viewers reports that identify a list of visitors who are using and viewing videos most, ranked by the number of videos these portal users have viewed in total. This report can be customized according to specific customer requests, and certainly according to email address, department, company role or title, city, country, street address and more. We offer this report in both a table and chart widget form, and it’s easy to comprehend while truly presenting vital data on who’s really getting the most out of their video viewing within your SharePoint portal.

For information please contact: and one of our representatives will be in touch with you within one business day.