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Nation’s Capital awaits the CardioLog Analytics Crew

July 10th, 2014

With our avid growth and investment in partnership and business development opportunities, we wouldn’t miss this event.

As usual, the CardioLog Analytics team continues their active involvement in partner and business development events, heading to the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, D.C. from July 13 to 17, 2014. Our company’s representatives look forward to meeting with individuals from diverse industry and expertise practice backgrounds, opening ourselves up to new learning experiences, excellent opportunities to partner with various organizations, and of course, to offer upfront our knowledge and proficiency as a solid force within the SharePoint analytics field.

This year’s WPC offers a tremendous jump into the partnership and rapport building arena, and we are all excited about having the chance to meet with company reps and revisit with familiar faces and existing collaborators. With our extensive work with system integrators and distributors, creating lasting bonds with our partners is nowhere near foreign, and we look forward to reaching out and having our hand taken by many new and interested organizations offering progressive and fresh SharePoint solutions. With attendees coming from over 150 countries across the globe, this conference presents a unique, upfront and personal chance to branch out internationally and extend our position to others.

With nearly a decade of solid success and experience in SharePoint analytics, CardioLog Analytics boasts commendable advancements and growth in the development of various reporting and usage tracking metrics, currently leading the race with the most comprehensive and holistic SharePoint usage analysis in the forms of on premise and on demand solutions. Our tool offers the highest quality Enterprise Social Network analytics, third party and business intelligence analytics, along with the option to develop customer custom requested reports and features. Out of the box, our various packages also include exclusive engagement, collaboration and optimization tools to help increase portal adoption rates and create a truly incomparable experience for SharePoint users.

Come by booth 2208 at WPC 2014 July 13-17, and the CardioLog Analytics team will gladly meet and greet you. See you all there soon.

Barcelona, Habla SharePoint Analytics?

European SharePoint Conference, Intlock is On the Way

European SharePoint Conference 2014

This promising and vibrant second quarter of 2014 starts out Intlock’s team with another fabulous event to be attending with many gifts to present the SharePoint community. Offering much more than just analytics, our two products, CardioLog Analytics for SharePoint portals, (intranets, extranets and internet sites), along with SharePoint Marketing Suite designed for internet websites, are climbing to the top with even more advancements and feature enhancements. Moving into the second half of this year, you’ll find us in sunny Barcelona, Spain at the European SharePoint Conference May 5-8, 2014.

With our newest version of both on the market, we offer Yammer Analytics, SharePoint Social Analytics, and the significant flexibility of both on premise or on demand solutions. So, with the ideal opportunity share our new reports, features, upgrades, and our exclusive Engagement Package that offers a range of elite collaboration and engagement tools, we are ready to reach out the SharePoint community in Europe and internationally with our state of the art solution.

ESPC, (European SharePoint Conference), offers a both a setting to learn, enlighten and connect with individuals within the SharePoint community worldwide, presenting an ideal environment to reconnect with colleagues, contacts and build rapport and develop new ventures. With sessions in the hundreds and thousands of attendees from a large selection of companies, (over 70), from vast regions of the world including over 50 countries, this conference is without a doubt one of the top SharePoint destinations of the year. It offers a slice of knowledge for anyone working with SharePoint, both on a business and technical level.

The Intlock time will be presenting our newest versions of CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite at booth 66 and we’ll be happy to see new and familiar faces come by and visit us at the event.

For any further inquiries, please email

On-Premise and On-Demand Analytics

CardioLog Analytics, designed specifically for SharePoint and 3rd party applications, recognizes the individual needs of your organization, offering two powerful software solutions for storing and accessing your analytics. Both our on premise and on demand options allow you to engage portal users, boost user productivity and improve portal collaboration. Each option, on premise or on demand, offer their own set of benefits.

If privacy, performance and data ownership is your priority, then our on premise solution may be your preferred option, allowing you to keep your analytics hosted on your on-site server or on a partner’s host facility. CardioLog Analytics on demand solution ensures around-the-clock access and reliability by storing your analytics on a cloud-based server.

To help you gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of both options, we have listed the advantages of our on premise and on demand options below.

On-Premise and On-Demand Solutions

On-Premise Analytics
CardioLog Analytics is the exclusive, leading on premise web analytics solution, specifically designed for SharePoint, providing the most comprehensive analysis of your SharePoint site, while respecting the sensitivity and privacy of your data.

Unlike industry analytics vendors like Google Analytics, Webtrends and others that merely focus on on demand web analytics solutions, CardioLog Analytics continues to invest vast efforts in on-premise technology superiority and is the only SharePoint on-premise analytics provider that offers enterprise-scale data capture, analysis and reporting with software that runs on your own servers or with a certified local partner. CardioLog Analytics uses Microsoft SharePoint features to enable data collection, and because all of the analytics data is stored locally, our on-premise solution provides maximum security and privacy for your data. Finding the ideal web analytics provider that ensures you’re able to meet the needs of executives, administrators and end users while respecting the sensitivity of your organization’s personal data becomes a straightforward process with our top reaching web analytics solution for SharePoint environments.

With nearly 10 years of experience working with enterprise organizations within various professional areas of expertise, (ranging from Health & Pharmaceutical, Government Institutions, Finance, Legal, Aerospace & Defense, and Software & Technology), CardioLog Analytics provides the strongest option for any organization looking to expand their scope of their SharePoint environment’s activity while respecting and understanding the need for discretion regarding the company’s intellectual property, along with customer information secured and maintained at their own facility.

An on premise setup offers unrivalled performance and control options, especially with regards to running reanalysis on earlier data, setting custom table sizes, or customizing your tracking code. This is because all of your data is owned on your local machines, giving you complete control over how it’s used.

We understand the importance of keeping your data within your quarters, and while other web analytics providers are based strictly on demand, they also do not provide the collaboration and engagement tools that CardioLog analytics provides out-of-the-box. In addition to understanding the array of movement, action and lack thereof within your SharePoint site, CardioLog provides you with fresh tools like Voice of Customer surveys, a sleek marquis style Message Bar that’s customizable, and personalized UI designs with Behavioral Targeting.

The on-premise location of your data also facilitates better integration with internally stored user data, such as CRM, Active Directory and User Profiles. And because on-premise solutions don’t rely on external bandwidth or software solutions, they are more cost-effective, making them a worthwhile choice for analytics hosting on a budget.

On-Demand Analytics
On-Demand analytics take advantage of the cloud in storing and securing your data. By choosing the on-demand solution, you guarantee that your analytics will be available for around-the-clock access, regardless of the performance of your company’s local servers, or even in the case of a catastrophic system failure. Additionally, advanced troubleshooting using our cloud-management software allows you to track the activity of your system and identify problems that may have occurred in the moments leading up to a crash. This will enable you to quickly move in to correct any errors and ensure that your system is operating at optimal capacity.

The On-Demand CardioLog Analytics also provides unlimited scaling options to meet your company’s needs, and is not limited by your physical system hardware. This allows you to easily  upgrade or downgrade your storage space as your requirements change.

The cloud-based analytics offering also ensures that CardioLog Analytics is kept up-to-date with the latest versions by automatically installing important updates. This eliminates a large amount of system maintenance costs, and reduces the time that you spend in setup. And by staying up-to-date, you can rest easy knowing that you’re taking advantage of all the latest features on offer by CardioLog Analytics.

Ultimately the decision between on-premise and on-demand analytics is up to you. Each option is supported by a host of advantages that cater to the specific needs of your company. For security, control, budget and performance, an on-premise solution might be the option of choice. If you value reliability, 24-hour access, and easy scalability, the on-demand solution gives you all of these features and more.

CardioLog Analytics Ease of Deployment

Setting up detailed analytics for your SharePoint site has never been easier, thanks to our automated configuration wizard. The tool includes a number of time-saving features, most notably the ability to automatically place tracking code on your SharePoint pages, freeing you from the need to insert the tracking code manually on your pages through the backend.

Our easy deployment wizard also features full integration with your SharePoint farm and enables you to load your portal’s entire tree structure into CardioLog Analytics, thereby allowing you to easily report on different sections of your portal.

CardioLog Analytics Ease of Deployment

  • Simple-to-use configuration wizard makes setting up analytics a breeze
  • Automatically install tracking code onto your SharePoint site
  • Interface with your site’s tree structure
  • Step-by-step user interface keeps installation organized

CardioLog Analytics’ configuration wizard is a helping hand that simplifies a normally complicated and time-consuming task, allowing you to deploy analytics on your site in a matter of minutes.

Perhaps the biggest time-saving feature is the option to automatically insert the JavaScript tracking code for CardioLog Analytics onto all of your farm’s pages. By choosing this option, the configuration wizard automatically installs and activates a dedicated SharePoint farm feature, which inserts the JavaScript tracking code onto all of the pages.

Even after the code is installed, removing the code is equally simple, and can be accomplished by deactivating the farm feature, ensuring you never have to manually modify any code. Plus, when new sites and pages are added to your farm, they will be tracked automatically, eliminating the need to repeat the process as you expand the capabilities of your portal.

The configuration wizard is also programmed to integrate with your intranet portal’s site tree and display the information in a visually intuitive way with the CardioLog Object Explorer. Once integrated, this feature will allow you to easily and quickly report on different sections of your portal, from entire directories or subdirectories, down to individual pages and documents. You can also compare the performance of different sections by selecting these in Object Explorer. And finding specific items of your portal is made simple through the search box, which allows you to pull up any site, directory, page or document in a matter of seconds.

The tree view is a great way to browse and compare sections of your site via relevant content grouping. And the content drilldown layout allows you to navigate large sites with ease, by simply scrolling down the listed subsections.

The result is a bird’s-eye-view of your site that is both intuitive and useful in determining which areas are performing best.

CardioLog Analytics is dedicated to making the process of setting up your analytics as simple as possible, and our configuration wizard is just one of the many tools that makes this a reality.

CardioLog Analytics Brings You Yammer Analytics Reporting

Yammer screenshot
Yammer’s acquisition by Microsoft is increasing the integration of Yammer into SharePoint sites more each day. With Yammer dominating the social platform scene of SharePoint portals internationally, CardioLog Analytics decided to step up to the plate and ensure that Yammer users worldwide would be able to track usage with detailed reports that range for every type of activity available on the platform.

Intlock, the developer of CardioLog Analytics, ensured that SharePoint administrators who have integrated Yammer into their SharePoint sites can now understand the Yammer activity from start to finish. The various reports that are included range regarding users include an in depth understanding of user activity, which users are most influential based on their number of followers, which users are most active and more.

Groups are not addressed with any less importance and rest assured CardioLog Analytics addresses both public and private groups, external networks, identifying total users, total number of groups, and the top groups dominating the groups on Yammer with the highest number of members.

Of course with Yammer’s diverse portfolio of functions, you can praise individuals and CardioLog Analytics’ reports didn’t skip a beat, ensuring that all users that deserved praised and were glorified could also be identified by SharePoint Administrators, potentially identifying diamonds in the rough that should not be overlooked within organizations to help maximize results and ensure business productivity is as its optimal levels.

The Yammer Analytics reports provide a comprehensive solution for understanding the content users, groups and overall activity of your Yammer site, both for standalone analytics and within you SharePoint site.

For information on CardioLog Analytics Yammer Reports check out details here, or contact