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A Web Analytics Revolution Webinar With Geoff Evelyn: Increasing User Adoption

by Intlock Team on

Geoff Evelyn - SharePoint MVP

Geoff Evelyn – SharePoint MVP

Web Analytics is not a new fad, it is a continuing amazing revolution, where website owners can gather literally thousands of pieces of information about their users. However, businesses generally fail in understanding the nature of web analytics in terms of delivery, and therefore lose out in understanding the benefits of organizational productivity web analytics can bring.

The key challenge is how can we, as SharePoint workers, help organizations reach the right decisions concerning how web analytics are to be used, from a technical and business perspective.

In SharePoint, storing and finding content does not mean User Adoption has been successful. Collaboration (the process that orchestrates and coordinates the content through processes), needs to be measured. The process of doing that needs to be a sustained event and cost effective. If successful, the organization is better prepared to measure TCO of SharePoint solutions.

In this thought provoking webinar, Geoff describes four steps that we need to be the grounding in terms of building solutions were Web Analytics is concerned. He will do this by using scenarios from core departments in a variety of organizations to show how applying these four steps can provide the right web analytic decisions.

To join us for this webinar on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 1 PM EST, register here or go to:

Geoff and the Intlock team are looking forward to seeing you there.

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