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Actionable Analytics for SharePoint

by Intlock Team on
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Intlock and Guest Host Joel Oleson host a Webinar to discuss the importance of making analytics actionable while also showing how it’s done.

Intlock, along with guest host Joel Oleson, held a popular and insightful webinar last Wednesday. The webinar successfully conveyed the importance of Actionable Analytics and provided a good summary of SharePoint 2013 Usage Reports, as well as the rise of mobile usage with SharePoint, a topic which Joel appropriately dubbed a “Revolution.”

In his expose, Joel introduced the topics of customizing and designing SharePoint 2013 portals for mobile devices, which has improved upon previous versions of SharePoint which were not considered to be mobile-friendly. Joel presented some interesting research which shows that more users are accessing their intranet portals from their iPhones and iPads.

Joel also discussed the importance of metrics having actionable benchmarks, a topic which is topped off by Yarin Negri from Intlock, who showed off some impressive features from CardioLog Analytics and the new Engagement Package.

Joel managed to contribute some insights from the Yammer community and a very nice review of Adoption in regards to ROI as well.

Concerning CardioLog, Yarin said that “The key idea that we had here at Intlock is how we could make better analytics for SharePoint, beyond what comes out of the box.”  The webinar also gave a glimpse into CardioLog Dashboards and the use of segmentation in order to get more actionable Usage Reports. The webinar concluded by featuring a useful demonstration of Behavioral Targeting.
The collaborative webinar was an excellent combination of SharePoint 2013 assessment, a review of its out of the box analytics and a highlight of the important features analytical products must contain.
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