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Back from SharePoint Fest with Government on our Mind

by Intlock Team on

Intlock was excited to attend SharePoint Fest this past weekend in Washington, D.C. The conference prides itself on providing educational and training opportunities, with a local flavor. The latter couldn’t have rang more true as the theme of “Government” was a relevant  topic of interest throughout the entirety of the conference. A special “Government” track was made available to attendees, to learn about various ways in which SharePoint can improve communication for Governments.  The sessions included topics such as  SharePoint Cloud Solutions for Government Agencies, How to Implement SharePoint for US Government Agencies, SharePoint Government Shared Services Case Study, and more

These sessions were particularly relevant to the work that we do here at CardioLog Analytics, as many of our customers are government agencies who have employed analytics to improve their SharePoint portals.

CardioLog Analytics at SharePoint Fest

By deploying CardioLog Analytics, government agencies have been able to:

  • Gain hands on control over all aspects of the SharePoint Portal with the On-Premises offering.
  • Understand a sites social collaboration
  • Track various metrics at once with customized dashboards, fitting the needs of various employees
  • Drill deep into specific sections or sub sections
  • Integrate with Active Directory and SharePoint User Profiles
  • And more…


To find out more how CardioLog Analytics can improve Government Agency portals, click here.



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