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CardioLog Analytics Brings You Yammer Analytics Reporting

by Intlock Team on

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Yammer’s acquisition by Microsoft is increasing the integration of Yammer into SharePoint sites more each day. With Yammer dominating the social platform scene of SharePoint portals internationally, CardioLog Analytics decided to step up to the plate and ensure that Yammer users worldwide would be able to track usage with detailed reports that range for every type of activity available on the platform.

Intlock, the developer of CardioLog Analytics, ensured that SharePoint administrators who have integrated Yammer into their SharePoint sites can now understand the Yammer activity from start to finish. The various reports that are included range regarding users include an in depth understanding of user activity, which users are most influential based on their number of followers, which users are most active and more.

Groups are not addressed with any less importance and rest assured CardioLog Analytics addresses both public and private groups, external networks, identifying total users, total number of groups, and the top groups dominating the groups on Yammer with the highest number of members.

Of course with Yammer’s diverse portfolio of functions, you can praise individuals and CardioLog Analytics’ reports didn’t skip a beat, ensuring that all users that deserved praised and were glorified could also be identified by SharePoint Administrators, potentially identifying diamonds in the rough that should not be overlooked within organizations to help maximize results and ensure business productivity is as its optimal levels.

The Yammer Analytics reports provide a comprehensive solution for understanding the content users, groups and overall activity of your Yammer site, both for standalone analytics and within you SharePoint site.

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