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CardioLog Analytics On-Demand

by Intlock Team on

CardioLog Analytics On-Demand puts the convenience of the cloud at your fingertips. Cloud computing has huge advantages over more traditional approaches and is easy to implement, requiring no IT effort. Our on-demand software offers round-the-clock reliability, and a higher-quality service with real-time reporting capabilities. It includes automatic software updates, saving you time and money, and has storage space that can be easily scaled up or down, according to the needs of your business. CardioLog Analytics On-Demand also provides professional backup for all your business information and possesses sophisticated troubleshooting capabilities.

Increased Reliability
CardioLog Analytics On-Demand runs on systems you can depend upon. The cloud is always “on,” and this extra up time ensures additional productivity for your business. Companies whose business systems are not functioning properly can hemorrhage huge amounts of money, but our on-demand technology helps you to sidestep such issues by pinpointing potential problems before they become real outages.

Improved Service
The reliable performance of our on-demand analytics is supported by a financially backed, 99.9 percent service level agreement. CardioLog Analytics offers you reports in real time that can display website activity within the past hour. Real-time reporting capabilities, such as reports on banner clicks and email referrals, make our on-demand software an invaluable campaign-tracking tool.

Automatic Updates
CardioLog Analytics On-Demand is versionless software. Changes and updates to it are constant, meaning there is no need to worry for upgrades, since CardioLog Analytics can take care of this off-site. Keeping the software in the cloud entails a significant reduction in the amount of systems maintenance that’s needed. 

Increased Scalability
Cloud computing empowers you to easily upscale or downscale your IT requirements as necessary, so storage space need never be an issue. CardioLog Analytics has an advanced data-processing engine, and you can upgrade your existing package to adapt to the changing reporting needs of your business or to variations in market conditions. In this way, our on-demand analytics solution can help your business grow without you needing to worry about overloading your servers or making costly changes to your technical systems, such as buying new software licenses and pieces of hardware.

Enterprise-Level Backup
Cloud computing with CardioLog Analytics On-Demand can give you access to well-managed, enterprise-level backup for all your business information.

Advanced Troubleshooting
Our cloud-management software allows you to track the operations of your system, helping you to identify what happened in the lead-up to an outage or other failure, and enabling you to swiftly correct any problems and save money.

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