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The CardioLog Analytics Reporting API

by Intlock Team on

The CardioLog Analytics data export API enables you to expand CardioLog reports in exciting and imaginative ways. You can use it to retrieve data programmatically and then utilize it within other applications. Implementing any data export API requires developer skills, but the benefits are huge.

Impressive Flexibility

The CardioLog Analytics data export API allows for more flexibility and customization than the CardioLog UI, giving you a great deal of freedom over how to display your reports, in terms of their design, filters and data content, and where the reports are displayed. The API enables you to create applications to request data from the CardioLog Analytics reporting engine, and to refine the results using parameters such as date range, time interval, URL, users,  visitor segment, and more. With the data export API you can programmatically access reporting data, and generate a report based on your chosen parameters. The API enables you to use just a part of the data from a report if you wish, or to combine it with other data. It’s also possible to use this solution to automatically display a report on thousands of your sub-sites, with each report automatically showing the usage data for the page or sub-site in which it is embedded.

By using CardioLog’s data export API you can also decide exactly how you want your data to look – in the form of tables or charts – making it accessible to your employees and partners. It’s also possible to brand your data with your organization’s colors and logos to really take ownership of it.

The CardioLog Analytics Reporting API

Complete Accessibility

You can view your CardioLog Analytics data however you want, using our data export API. It’s possible to create custom dashboards to display your CardioLog stats, and you can also integrate your data with other business applications. What’s more, our data export API enables you to access CardioLog Analytics from your smartphone, as well as from your desktop.

High Speed

And it’s not only about getting the stats you want, but also about getting them fast. The CardioLog Analytics data export API gives you a user-friendly way of looking at your data, saving you time you would otherwise spend digging into the figures. Crucially, the speed of the API also means you can make recommendations to the people who use your site in real time, based on CardioLog usage data such as the most popular documents, top users, active users, top searches and more.

Intelligent Adaptability

While most customers use the CardioLog data export API to enable the display of reports directly in a Microsoft SharePoint-based intranet portal or website, it’s also possible to take your raw CardioLog data and use the API to present your stats in a whole range of other tools, including Excel, and advanced comparison solutions or tools that enable you to visualize your data in flexible ways.

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