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CardioLog Analytics SaaS for SMBs

by Intlock Team on

Are you a Small to Medium Size Business searching for a cure to all your SharePoint portal woes?

Look no further –  SaaS Analytics for SMB’s is now available.

SaaS Analytics for SMB Faced with a variety of internal challenges, the need to properly manage SharePoint/Office 365 is becoming  increasingly more urgent for many SMBs.

With SaaS Analytics, SMBs can….

• Increase productivity
• Expand your community
• Identify user challenges
• Improve portal ROI

CardioLog Analytics SaaS for SMBs is an on-demand solution, consisting of sophisticated reporting integrated with  Power BI and coupled with state of the art optimization and engagement tools. With a seamless setup effort, CardioLog  Analytics SaaS comes with a variety of premade reports, enabling your small business to immediately understand  what your portal adoption levels are, what your scope of content is, and how well your search schema is working.  CardioLog Analytics aims to provide SMBs with a holistic toolbox to address overall portal challenges by  monitoring engagement levels, portal resources, internal collaboration, productivity, adoption and more.

CardioLog Analytics SaaS for SMBs offers a unique combination of sopisticated reporting and optimization tools. With CardioLog SaaS, small and medium-size business will have the powerful tools necessary to create, measure, understand and optimize SharePoint. Additionally, you’ll be able to improve portal performance, boost ROI and actively engage with your users.

As an SaaS solution, there is no need to install any software or deploy any complicated IT configurations, and the user can finally execute strategies without waiting on prolonged development execution times.

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