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CardioLog Analytics Social Report Site Offers Information and Insight: Yammer Analytics, Sitrion Analytics and SharePoint Social Reports included in our Solution.

by Intlock Team on


Who isn’t getting excited about Enterprise Social Networks and their integration into SharePoint? The answer certainly isn’t us as the team of experts within the CardioLog Analytics team are thrilled to announce the launch of the official CardioLog Analytics Social Analytics reports website.

This page has been designed to fully ensure that our existing and potential users are not only well informed and enthusiastically kept up to date on our Yammer, Sitrion and SharePoint Social reports, but also to share the knowledge and in-depth metrics these reports from CardioLog Analytics offer.

With reports that touch on the most pressing issues of ESN activity within SharePoint sites, such as user activity, groups activity and inactivity, external network growth and the top groups within a platform like Yammer integrated in SharePoint, CardioLog Analytics is an asset to any organization using Yammer within their SharePoint portal. Our social reports contribution to the users of our solution is an out of the box set of reports that can analyze Yammer, Sitrion, and SharePoint Social included in SharePoint 2013. We’ve also ensure that whoever’s getting praised on Yammer is notable in our metrics, along with adoption rates and more.

What’s inspiring about this new vision of social activity within your SharePoint portal is an all in one approach that isn’t available with any other SharePoint Analytics tool out on the market. CardioLog Analytics is truly the only tool that offers SharePoint visitor, navigation and search metrics that can be placed side by side Yammer, Sitrion or any other third party tool integrated into SharePoint all in one super-efficient dashboard. This is the essence of the CardioLog Analytics tool: a total package. Check out our new Social Analytics site and enjoy.

For more information on our Social Analytics reports, please contact or call: +1-617-500-8461

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