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CardioLog Analytics Takes On Capitol Hill

by Marlee Long on

 Join the leaders in the field of SharePoint and Office 365 this July in Washington D.C. and gain exclusive insight and knowledge on partnering with CardioAnalytics, the leading reporting solution for Sharepoint and Office 365 platforms.Transform your business community by joining us industry experts at this year’s Microsoft Inspire Conference.

Partners make a tremendous impact on your business so it is important to look for the things you want in a partner to partner relationship. That is why we work hard to provide what is best for you and develop a plan that best suits your needs.

sharepoint analytics partner

We offer many partner perks including:

High quality products and solutions: We offer On Premises and SaaS solutions integrating with Office 365, SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Power BI. .

Broaden your product offerings: Intlock’s product covers a wide scope of functions that fit both the corporate and small medium business (SMB) markets. In addition, Intlock’s technology enables our product to be versatile and easily tailored to complement a wide range of corporate enterprise portals.

Increased flexibility: flexible business offerings that are advantageous when it comes to closing a deal.

Technical support: direct support from Intlock’s expert engineering and service department.

Sales & Marketing support: pre-sales support, referrals, and access to the partner knowledge base.

Training: Intlock’s advanced training courses on analysis and reporting methodology, and CardioLog Analytics’ services.

Recognition as a Certified Sales or Service Partner.

Partnership pays off, literally. Get rewarded for your hard work! For all lead generation, deal generation and deals closed, we offer an attractive commission package.

Help us help you advance your business and get ahead of the game by scheduling a meeting with us one-on-one at this year’s conference. We are looking forward to meeting new partners as well as reconnecting with our current partners.

Come meet with us and find out how you can walk away with the knowledge, tools, and skills to help increase productivity within your platform.

Learn how to become a partner here

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