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CardioLog Analytics Marketing Automation

by Intlock Team on

Having a quick response to your customers’ needs gives your business a crucial advantage – but it’s even better if that response happens instantly, in real time, while leads and customers are actually browsing your website.

CardioLog Analytics  marketing automation enables you to interact with your leads and customers like never before, helping you to boost their engagement with your website. It gives you the capacity to powerfully segment these visitors and to instantly deliver personalized content based on information your visitors have provided on your registration forms, regardless of where the lead data is stored. It also enables you to track visitors in real time, and gives your sales team the opportunity of interacting with leads and customers even as they visit your website, by presenting customized surveys, personalized content and chat invites.

Our marketing automation tools can also be used for intranets, by using Active Directory attributes or user data from other data sources (such as SharePoint user profiles) as the basis for segmenting employees and partners who visit the portal. These capabilities enable you to deliver personalized content, allowing you, for example, to engage your technical pre-sale group with a relevant, customized portal.

  • Engage your leads in an unprecedented way
  • Powerfully segment potential customers and personalize your website
  • Have your sales team interact with leads and customers in real time
  • Deliver personalized surveys, even targeted to a single visitor

CardioLog Analytics marketing automation has an incredibly sophisticated segmentation engine that enables you to create segments based on any information, in any combination, provided by a visitor to your website, whether during their previous sessions or on their current visit. You can segment your leads and customers based on any element of their online behavior, such as entering certain keywords in a search engine, or based on any field they have entered in your registration forms. Form fields that can be used to create segments include personal data such as the lead’s name or location, their product preferences and details of their past purchases. Marketing automation can also be carried out even without the visitor authenticating into your website.

All of this valuable lead data can be stored in CRM, in CardioLog Analytics, or in both, so that you can deliver high-impact, personalized content to different segments in real time that is specifically designed to get their interest. In fact, CardioLog Analytics’ marketing automation can drive any automation task you want – from adjusting a lead score, to including a potential customer in a report. In addition, because all automation features are driven by segments, you can focus your reports on any combination of visitor data you choose.

Take Real-Time Action

CardioLog Analytics’ marketing automation also gives you superior abilities to track your visitors in real time, empowering your sales team to act on the behavior of leads and customers even as it occurs on your website. Visitor tracking is fully integrated with your sales efforts, alerting your sales team in real time when a lead or customer who belongs to a specific segment visits your website. In addition, your sales team has instant access to the customer’s visit history, containing data about who they are, what they might want from your business, and which pages they have viewed on your website – a far superior, more intelligent alternative to cold calling that offers your sales team access to vital information in advance, giving them a head start.

With CardioLog Analytics , your sales team gets an immediate alert through your CRM system interface whenever a visitor arrives on your website, enabling them to interact with a lead or customer in real time – not merely as a follow-up, but actually during their visit to your site. With CardioLog Analytics , this state-of-the-art feature supports both Salesforce and Dynamics CRM, and it enables you to personalize your website, even for a single visitor if you wish, meaning your sales team can engage that person through customized surveys, personalized content, and chat invites. A segment-driven survey can be personalized based on fields submitted by a visitor during a previous session, such as their name, age and occupation. It can even include the visitor’s name and a question tailored specifically to them, helping you to enhance the engagement of your leads and customers in an unprecedented way.

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