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Intlock Announces CardioLog Analytics Integration with Microsoft Power BI and Excel

by Intlock Team on


Just as  Microsoft Ignite  is happening in full force, we are pleased to announce the debut of the CardioLog Analytics integration with Microsoft Power BI and Excel. The collaboratoin allows for the visualization of Cardiolog Analytics through new live and interactive dashboards, thus enhancing SharePoint as well as overall business performance and monitoring.

The Power BI Integration allows for enterprises to  easily create their own tailored dashboard reports, and then go on to filter the information and slice and dice the data accordingly.

With the help of CardioLog’s integrated BI Solution dashboards, stakeholders and administrators can now get a holistic view of their business activity and  search through it, all in one easy glance.  The integration of these two advanced solutions results in convenient accessibility and user-friendly dashboards that allow for intuitive analysis and monitoring.

The reports are flexible and aesthetically pleasing, with over dozens of visualization reporting choices to choose from. You can now monitor the KPI that matters most whenever, wherever, and on  any device with the connection between CardioLog data and Power BI and Excel.


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To learn more about  our new offering, follow these thinks:

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