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Intlock Introduces Two New Free Editions

by Intlock Team on

Thousands of companies and organizations have transformed their websites and intranet portals using Intlock’s existing free-of-charge product, CardioLog Lite. And now two new free editions are available – the only online marketing products of their kind to be entirely free of charge. The SharePoint Marketing Suite Free Edition and the CardioLog Analytics Free Edition are compatible with all versions of Microsoft SharePoint, including SharePoint 2013 – offering you a more thorough, more useful insight into your site than ever before. Why are we offering our tools and expertise for free? Because we want organizations of all shapes and sizes to benefit from our unique products, including small educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and small-scale companies.

  • Use with any version of SharePoint 
  • Get up to 250,000 free page views every month
  • Benefit from all modules available in Intlock’s commercial product
  • Upgrade to our commercial offering at any time
  • Take advantage of various support packages

The free editions available for CardioLog Analytics and the SharePoint Marketing Suite are the only free web analytics tools on offer for SharePoint sites – they simply stop working when you’ve hit your quota of 50,000 page views per month. On top of these 50,000, there are also several different ways to gain an extra 200,000 page views every month for free. You can earn these extra page views by starting a discussion on LinkedIn, by writing a blog post or testimonial on your experience of using Intlock’s web analytics tools, or by arranging to feature our logo on your website. The SharePoint Marketing Suite Free Edition and CardioLog Analytics Free Edition are equipped to serve relatively small-scale organizations and companies that have just one farm or website they want to monitor, assess and improve. Like the commercial version of Intlock’s web analytics and online marketing solutions, our powerful free editions offer you use of all our tracking, testing and targeting tools, enabling you to accurately assess just how good your website or portal is at its job. It’s possible to carry out one multivariate and one A/B test, track one marketing campaign, define one group of rules on behavioral targeting – essentially, to conduct one instance of any of the modules that make up Intlock’s commercial offering, but without the ability to conduct reporting in real time. The new free editions can be installed quickly and simply, via the configuration wizard and, since they can be hosted on a SharePoint server, no additional hardware is needed. It’s possible for smaller companies to upgrade from the free versions to the commercial version of SharePoint Marketing Suite or CardioLog Analytics at any point by getting in touch with Intlock’s sales staff. For medium- and enterprise-level companies, we offer an alternative to the free editions in the shape of a 30-day trial of an analytics solution identical to Intlock’s commercial package and that includes unlimited use of our entire web analytics offering. Customer support and training is offered with Intlock’s free trial and commercial products but, with the free editions, help is on hand through our free support website instead. With the free editions, it is also possible to buy extra technical assistance over the telephone, email or through desktop sharing, with a range of price options available, whenever you need an additional boost.

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