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Intlock Introduces Voice of Customer 2.0

by Intlock Team on

After the success of the original Voice of Customer tool as a way to fully engage with your audience, VOC 2.0 is bigger and better, and is redefining the way the organizations communicate with end users.

Intlock has released  Voice of Customer 2.0. The new and improved version has enhanced functionality, and presents these key features:

  • Sophisticated survey creation
  •  Data capture through page-based comments and website-satisfaction polls
  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Options to target specific visitor segment
  • Zero IT involvement
  • Advanced response tracking

“VOC 2.0 takes into account the desires of our customers to better understand the needs of the users and provides organizations with the tools needed to fully engage with portal and website users. The VOC 2.0 is the new way of communicating with employees, consumers, and other visitors throughout your website.”  Ronen Meyuhas, Solution Architect at Intlock

The tool is fully compatible with all versions of SharePoint including Office 365 and SharePoint 2013.


VOC 2.0 includes a robust segmentation engine that allows organizations to create various surveys for different users based on who they are and how they navigate the site.  VOC 2.0 can connect to AD and SharePoint Profiles which allow organizations to display surveys based on AD groups or attributes such as region or department.  This helps display targeted surveys to users based on their needs as well as the challenges they are facing.  VOC 2.0 can also target anonymous users on a public facing web site.  The segmentation of anonymous users can be based on:

  • Traffic sources such as refer page, search engine, or a campaign that they arrived from.
  • Onsite activity such as the number of visits made to a site, or the number of times they viewed a specific page.
  • Additional information such as location, operating system being used, and more.

See the full press release

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