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Intlock Intros CardioLog 2011 – Web Analytics Solution for SharePoint for Internet Sites

by Intlock Team on

Intlock, a leader in enterprise portal and website analytics, announced the release of its enhanced version of CardioLog 2011 specifically for SharePoint for Internet websites. CardioLog, using its high end technology and experience for monitoring SharePoint sites, brings this technology to the next level.It includes seamless integration with SharePoint’s unique object model, hierarchical structure, metadata, user groups, user profiles, and action types.

As many organizations are using SharePoint not only for their intranet sites but also for their public Internet and extranet facing sites the need for a high end and accurate analytics solution is imperative. CardioLog provides a real alternative for Google Analytics, and other web analytics solutions, which do not provide precise aggregative information for different sections of the SharePoint website. Additionally,they do not integrate with SharePoint metadata to segment reports according to different types of content, nor do they provide the SharePoint website’s tree structure. CardioLog is provided as an on-premise software solution which allows for full privacy and ownership of data, something Google Analytics does not provide. Along with premium support and its long list of satisfied mega enterprise customers CardioLog provides the right solution for organizations using SharePoint for their website.

Furthermore, CardioLog 2011 provides a new and intuitive web-based user interface. This enhanced new UI enables analysts, information workers, and administrators to monitor their website’s and portal’s activity from a single analytics dashboard. Hence, enabling customers to maximize their ROI from portal and website investment and assure a successful deployment of the website and its connected applications.

  • Some of CardioLog’s advantages over other analytics solutions are:
  • New reports package for SharePoint Internet Sites, including: traffic sources, navigation summary, IP drill down and more.
  • A new state of the art web-based user interface and graphical charts.
  • A full web analytics package which includes a unique JavaScript tracking mechanism designed for SharePoint.
  • Full product localization support for English, German, French, and Spanish.
  • Intuitive configuration wizard for quick integration with SharePoint 2010, 2007 and 2003.
  • Seamless integration based on SharePoint’s hierarchy, taxonomy, content, and user metadata.
  • Advanced visitor segmentation, including integration with Active Directory, SharePoint user profiles, SharePoint audiences, and others custom organizational structures.
  • Sub sites and documents reports-based, provided by a built-in tree view of the portal structure.
  • Advanced real-time reporting and campaigns tracking – displaying the last hour of content views, link clicks, banner clicks, email referrals, and more.
  • CardioLog is provided as an on-premise software solution which allows for full privacy and ownership of data.

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