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Intlock Intros SharePoint Marketing Suite

by Intlock Team on

Intlock has officially announced the release of the CardioLog Analytics SharePoint Marketing Suite. Intlock is the leader in analytics solutions and enterprise marketing for intranet portals and websites. The CardioLog Analytics SharePoint Marketing Suite allows for a continuous integration with SharePoint, using sophisticated technology to deliver precise and perceptive analytical information about SharePoint, constructed by SharePoint’s hierarchy, nomenclature, content and metadata.

Organizations today are often using SharePoint for their intranet portal,and for their extranet and internet sites. Therefore, there is a new and growing demand for innovative marketing services as well as the need for a single marketing suite for SharePoint, which will provide more than usage reports and statistics alone. This new marketing suite will allow organizations to make their websites more valuable and effective. The SharePoint Marketing Suite was carefully developed with Microsoft to provide an exceptional solution in the SharePoint arena. The Marketing Suite is specifically designed for SharePoint environments, and provides an on-premise solution, allowing for full-privacy and possession of data, an advantage that many online providers fail to deliver.

In addition to superior support and a long list of pleased mega enterprise customers, the SharePoint Marketing Suite provides a quality and fitting solution for companies using SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2007, and SharePoint 2003. The SharePoint Marketing Suite provides a built-in quality marketing contribution, and aims to improve intranet portals and enterprise websites with the following service:

  • InSight - Next generation analytics decision making engine: automatic detection of significant changes in website usage patterns.
  • Web Analytics - Real time analytics, event tracking, path analysis, internal search, data export API, customized dashboards and reports, and automatic alerts.
  • Optimization- Behavioral targeting, A/B and multivariate testing, social media targeting.
  • Campaign Tracking and Advertising Effectiveness - Campaign and traffic source tracking, goal and funnel analysis.
  • Voice of Customer- Page-based comments, surveys, website satisfaction polls.
  • Visitor Profiles - User segmentation, demographics, audience targeting, user engagement, user activity reports.
  • Visitor Recording - Browser session recordings, mouse tracking, funnel drop-out videos.
  • Plugins- CRM integration, third party tools integration, web marketing automation middle-ware.
  • SEO- SEO violations and errors, page and website speed, search engines and keywords reports.
  • Affiliates- Campaigns, trackers and tracking links management, built in pixel tracking support.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite provides one the ability to monitor and control business processes, website movement, and information management. Clients can capitalize on ROI from website investment by guaranteeing that the website and all connected applications are operational in an optimum method. In addition, the SharePoint Marketing Suite serves as a middleware platform for applying and cooperating third party marketing tools and services for SharePoint intranet portals and websites.

The SharePoint Marketing Suites helps enterprises to:

  • Experience an easy-to-use program
  • Integrate key third party tools
  • Generate increased demand
  • Engage their audience
  • Establish brand loyalty
  • Know their customers better
  • Empower the marketer
  • Synergize all services into one solution
  • Expand their customers’ community
  • Gain centralized control

Romi Mahajan, Director of Sales and Strategy at Digital Marketing Platform Team, MSFT, comments: “Intlock’s integrated analytics and marketing solution is a win-win for customers who are looking to take their SharePoint-based solutions the last mile into the Marketing arena. It’s exciting to see great ISVs leveraging the platform in affordance with customer needs.”

“Providing one of the most enhanced analytics and marketing solutions built on Microsoft technology, Intlock’s collaboration with Microsoft on the SharePoint extended environment has proven itself time after time,” said Dror Ben-Ishay, CEO, Intlock. “The growing demand for advanced marketing services and solutions brings about the need for a single SharePoint marketing suite, which can help organizations make their website and portal more effective and valuable. In many cases, website managers require that these marketing services and solutions be specifically designed for SharePoint, since conventional standalone web tools fail to fulfill this need.”

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