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Intlock takes on Amsterdam!

by Intlock Team on

Don’t miss us at SharePoint Connect 2014

SharePoint connect 2014

So, what is Intlock up to lately? This fall, join the Intlock as we arrive on the European front for an exciting two day conference in Amsterdam. As we’re always striving to accommodate SharePoint users in their analytic endeavors, we will be showcasing CardioLog Analytics as well as SharePoint Marketing Suite at SharePoint Connect 2014 in Amsterdam from November 18th to 19th at the Meervaart Theatre. Amsterdam is one of the various destinations on the horizon for Inlock as we end 2014 and begin 2015. We are striving to extend our expertise to organizations searching for precise and visionary insights into their portal activity.

SharePoint Connect 2014 is an event of great interest to us because the agenda for this year reflects many of the challenges as well as exciting opportunities we recognize within the SharePoint portal. By offering a variety of sessions, keynote speakers, and workshops, the event gives us a unique opportunity to join the conversation about these major changes and offer insights into how our analytics tool is adapting to these changes.

We will be located at booth #2 and we are looking forward to showcasing our extensive offering of analytics reports, social network metrics and usage reports, as well as our high level of our expertise in the field of SharePoint analytics. We are ready to reach out to the SharePoint community in Amsterdam and internationally with our advanced solution. If you’re curious how Intlock is adapting our various analytic tools to some of SharePoint’s newest features (integration, cloud, mobile, social, migration, and more), we invite you to come by our booth and visit for a demonstration. You are also invited to enter a prize drawing for the chance to win a very special prize!

For more information, please email or call 1-617-500-8461.

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