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Intlock Team Heads to Australia for the 2013 Share Conference!

by Intlock Team on

Intlock proud to announce that it will be onsite as an official partner at the 2013 Share Conference in Melbourne, Australia

The Intlock team is excited to announce its presence at this year’s Share Conference in Melbourne, Australia! Continuing our trend of being at the forefront of all things SharePoint, Intlock has become an official partner of the conference, and we will be onsite at the event to demonstrate the amazing features of CardioLog Analytics, a SharePoint web analytics solution, and how it can be used to leverage the power of your SharePoint platform.

The annual Share Conference is one of the world’s leading events for members of the SharePoint community, and is an invaluable opportunity to network and learn first-hand how SharePoint can be used to the benefit of your business. This year’s event, to take place between November 18 to 20, has an impressive lineup with dozens of speakers, presentations, workshops and more.

“We at Intlock are thrilled to be a partner at the 2013 Share Conference in Australia,” said Bella Gogova, marketing manager at Intlock. “As a company, we make it a mission to help businesses get the most out of their SharePoint portal, which is what makes the Share Conference a particularly relevant event to be a part of.”

CardioLog Analytics is a SharePoint web analytics solution that helps enterprise-level businesses achieve the reporting capabilities they need to bring their SharePoint portal to a whole new level. It offers in-depth insights into who your visitors are and how they’re using your portal, and even allows you to interact with them in order to enhance the overall portal experience. This year, Intlock will be showing off several new features that improve on the CardioLog Analytics package, including the Voice of Customer and Behavioral Targeting tools. Additionally, we will be demonstrating our enhanced compatibility with the latest versions of the Microsoft product line, including SharePoint 2013, Office 365, and Dynamics CRM.

“The 2013 Share Conference is a great way to top off an already exciting year for Intlock and the SharePoint platform,” Gogova said. “We look forward to meeting with people in person to show them the incredible work we’ve done at Intlock to make the most complete SharePoint web analytics solution possible.”

Will you be at this year’s 2013 Share Conference? If so, feel free to drop us a line and let us know by emailing us at or by calling our number at 1-617-500-8461. See you there!

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