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Intlock Team Hosts Microsoft MVP, Hilton Giesenow for Webinar “Driving SharePoint Strategy”

by Intlock Team on

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The Intlock team will be hosting a webinar on June 10th, 2015 with Hilton Giesenow, Microsoft MVP and Evangelist. The webinar is focused on “Driving SharePoint Strategy” and will highlight the need for organizations to “Get it Right” for SharePoint.

Hilton will draw upon his own experience and expertise to explain the many aspects of planning, implementing and succeeding with a SharePoint strategy. The requirements that organizations need are required internal practices to guide them along each step of the way. Join the Intlock team with Hilton as he runs through some of the most important elements he has implemented with organizations in the real world.

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About Hilton Giesenow:
A 17+ year industry veteran, Hilton is a SharePoint, Cloud and Mobile consultant with experience across development, infrastructure, architecture and team leadership. He’s been a long-time leader in local .net and SharePoint communities, a 10-time Microsoft MVP and international speaker and webcaster. You can find his SharePoint podcast at and a more detailed bio at

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