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Nation’s Capital awaits the CardioLog Analytics Crew

by Intlock Team on

With our avid growth and investment in partnership and business development opportunities, we wouldn’t miss this event.

As usual, the CardioLog Analytics team continues their active involvement in partner and business development events, heading to the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, D.C. from July 13 to 17, 2014. Our company’s representatives look forward to meeting with individuals from diverse industry and expertise practice backgrounds, opening ourselves up to new learning experiences, excellent opportunities to partner with various organizations, and of course, to offer upfront our knowledge and proficiency as a solid force within the SharePoint analytics field.

This year’s WPC offers a tremendous jump into the partnership and rapport building arena, and we are all excited about having the chance to meet with company reps and revisit with familiar faces and existing collaborators. With our extensive work with system integrators and distributors, creating lasting bonds with our partners is nowhere near foreign, and we look forward to reaching out and having our hand taken by many new and interested organizations offering progressive and fresh SharePoint solutions. With attendees coming from over 150 countries across the globe, this conference presents a unique, upfront and personal chance to branch out internationally and extend our position to others.

With nearly a decade of solid success and experience in SharePoint analytics, CardioLog Analytics boasts commendable advancements and growth in the development of various reporting and usage tracking metrics, currently leading the race with the most comprehensive and holistic SharePoint usage analysis in the forms of on premise and on demand solutions. Our tool offers the highest quality Enterprise Social Network analytics, third party and business intelligence analytics, along with the option to develop customer custom requested reports and features. Out of the box, our various packages also include exclusive engagement, collaboration and optimization tools to help increase portal adoption rates and create a truly incomparable experience for SharePoint users.

Come by booth 2208 at WPC 2014 July 13-17, and the CardioLog Analytics team will gladly meet and greet you. See you all there soon.

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