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New Message Bar Feature Enhanced and ReLaunched

by Intlock Team on

CardioLog Analytics’ Message Bar tool – now enhanced – is officially and now newly released, an influential engagement tool that functions as a marquis with customizable message, colour, page placement, and links. The Message Bar is immediately visible on the end user’s homepage once logged into their SharePoint portal.

Included in the CardioLog Analytics engagement offering, at no additional charge for active customers, The Message Bar tool enable portals administrators and managers to increase their daily communication methods with end users.

Discreet and unimposing, the Message Bar can provide personalized updates on news, announcements, campaigns and highlights any type of alerts your users need notice. Getting your important message and link across is simple and further simplified with our Message Bar editor. With just a click, update your message content in the text field and choose the distinct colour to grasp your user’s attention.

Engagement via Message Bar can be performed by any SharePoint Profile attributes, such as role, team, location and more, as well as according to specific usage segmentation/s previously determined.

Tracking Message Bar user activity and understanding results yielded is skillfully enabled with the various out-of-the-box analytics tools that record views, clicks, and CTR (click-through rates), even among tailored time ranges. Adapting the Message Bar to increase user engagement of diverse visitor segments with variations to the style and content can be done with meaningful awareness with analytics. Fine tuning your Message Bar to reach out to users most efficiently can also be accomplished with The CardioLog A/B Testing Tool – diversify to perfection is the name of the game.

The perks and features of Message Bar can yield clear results – engage, engage and engage some more with a personal feel. Get in touch with your users with a personalized message and get heard.

For more information visit, the official Message Bar page and click here, or email

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