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Partnership with Virtual Affairs

by Intlock Team on

Virtual Affairs, a leading full service internet agency in The Netherlands, has signed a distributor agreement with Intlock Ltd, developer of the CardioLog web analytics and the SharePoint Marketing Suite. This agreement entitles Virtual Affairs to resell and implement this marketing suite for SharePoint based Enterprise websites and intranet portals.

Virtual Affairs is a dedicated Microsoft partner and has implemented many successful SharePoint based web applications. Companies who decide to standardize on Microsoft’s SharePoint platform will receive sophisticated analytics and online marketing tools that were developed with Microsoft, and which are not present in a standard implementation of SharePoint. Functionality like A/B testing, behavioral targeting, campaign tracking, voice of customer, and enhanced web analytics are some of the key features Intlock provides that online professionals require.

Intlock is very happy that Virtual Affairs has joined its distributor community, as it extends their presence in The Netherlands. Yarin Negri, Intlock’s Director of Marketing says: “Having Virtual Affairs as a partner enables us to reach a whole new client base, especially within the Dutch financial market. Virtual Affairs is dedicated to ensuring financial companies and banks’ online success. Adding their business knowledge, user experience skills, and online marketing and statistics expertise is a huge advantage for customers using Intlock’s Enterprise marketing suite.”

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