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Roll out the Red Carpet: CardioLog Analytics’ Newest Version Takes the SharePoint Analytics Spotlight

by Intlock Team on

As Q2 of 2014 rolls into its second half, our team is excited to see that the technology advancements and new features of our solution have increased productivity and results for users and organizations internationally. The CardioLog Analytics’ team is always on a mission to improve usability, the solution overall and customer experience. Our newest version is taking the SharePoint Analytics’ bull by the horns – red flags, keep on waving. We are ready!

The digital workplace in 2014 is advancing faster and with greater demand for an innovative and powerful SharePoint Analytics solution that offers the option to generate the reports on a holistic and complex SharePoint portal, designed to meet the needs of diverse users and help organizations achieve business goals.

CardioLog Analytics’ newest version is the leading SharePoint Analytics solution, compatible with SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and SharePoint Online. The newest edition of CardioLog Analytics includes usage tracking reports on overall portal activity, integrated social platforms’ activity, like Yammer and Sitrion, a range of SharePoint content, search, navigation and visitor activity, custom business intelligence systems, third party CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and much more based on customer needs and requests.

Executives of enterprise corporations, marketers, admins and employees around the world are currently benefiting from the outstanding features CardioLog Analytics offers, as along with the attractive widgets and accurate statistics generated via our reports, we also offer the most progressive engagement and collaboration tools for SharePoint portals. No other product is comparable to our robust collection of SharePoint reports and our Visitor Engagement Package, including our Voice of Customer Surveys that allow you set up designated question and answer sequences to acquire feedback from users for all purposes, our Message Bar that can be included at the top of your homepage and user interface to project a message, ask a question and can include a hyperlink to any site you wish, and the supreme Behavioral Targeting Tool that allows you to customize your SharePoint user interface based on visitor segments. CardioLog Analytics also offers the following features to ensure your satisfaction is always at its ultimate level, and as listed above, custom feature are developed upon:

  • KPI email alerts for meter reports is an option to set automatic preset KPI criteria to receive an alert when the condition occurs.
  • Enriched Yammer reports present concrete data on groups, users, adoption rates, and external networks, along with content to get a deeper insight on company Yammer activity and usage.
  • Show a survey on search results page when there are no results asking what the user was looking for, if their needs were met and any customized feedback requested to improve efficiency, engagement and collaboration.
  • New social reports for SharePoint 2013 analyzing top groups, user adoption rate, group activity, top and influential users and more.

Our team of experts and developers is always happy to acquire requests and inquiries regarding CardioLog Analytics. Please feel free to contact us at

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