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SharePoint Technology Conference in Boston from September 16-19: We’ll be there with GSX Solutions!

by Intlock Team on

The SharePoint Technology Conference
Every year, the CardioLog Analytics team strives to reach our web analytics mountaintops and conquer the challenges of SharePoint users seeking intense, precise and visionary insights on their portal activity. Boston in 2014, is one of the various destinations we’ll be heading to in order to approach SharePoint users coming from all parts of the globe, with this conference taking place at The Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers.

This fall, join the CardioLog Analytics team with our partner GSX Solutions with whom we will be sharing our booth. We will be located at booth 102 and with anticipation, look forward to presenting our extensive offering of analytics reports, Enterprise Social Network metrics and usage reports, and overall our top notch expertise in SharePoint analytics. On display and with innovative, progressive and highly advanced new features, the CardioLog Analytics solution will be demonstrated with fervor. We are excited about this event, particularly for its allure to the various technical and business expertise individuals and organizations it draws in. The conference’s audience and attendees come with diverse knowledge and a thirst to learn more about Microsoft’s ever-advancing intranet, internet and extranet software, SharePoint, along with the various advancements in its progression into the cloud, hybrid solution and other third party solutions.

The conference attracts organizations of various sizes, SMB to enterprise sized, with industries ranging from Government, Finance, Healthcare, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Consulting, Multimedia, Transportation, Oil and Energy, Communications and the list continues, with Government institutions dominating as the top percentage of attendees. Fortune 500 corporations from all over the globe are gravitating to this event, and the CardioLog Analytics team felt it was a well-suited and ideal setting for further relationship building and networking. With various sessions, speakers, and chief evangelists in the SharePoint area coming to present and share their knowledge to the crowds, these benefits truly present added value to the SharePoint Tech Conference in Boston this year, as it will be a “be there or be square” happening.

This particular event offers the CardioLog Analytics team with an excellent opportunity to branch out its existing clientele and acquire new opportunities to help and guide various organizations using SharePoint. We look forward to meeting with representatives from technology companies developing solutions for SharePoint. The team of experts at CardioLog Analytics is eager to continue building is partner and system integration relationship building opportunities.
CardioLog and GSX

Our representatives eagerly await sharing a booth and working closely with our existing partner GSX Solutions for a joint offering that we will be presenting at the event. With their leading SharePoint health and performance monitoring and reporting solution, GSX Solutions essentially bridges a gap between CardioLog Analytics advanced and robust usage tracking and analytics reports, and the overall evaluation and monitoring of a SharePoint environment’s health.

Within the first two quarters of 2014, the CardioLog Analytics team of experts developed Yammer analytics reports, both for Yammer as an integrated social network within SharePoint, along with standalone analytics for the ESN. Sitrion, formerly known as NewsGator, has also been added to our roster of social metrics we provide, along with the extensive list of CRM and business intelligence systems analysis our solution offers users out of the box. CardioLog Analytics provides usage reports on third party integrated solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce and more. Our team of developers is constantly seeking opportunities to expand the offering. With our array of engagement and collaboration tools that come out of the box, such as Voice of Customer surveys for end user feedback, and Message Bar that offers a marquis style banner at the top of your SharePoint user interface, the team is constantly taking the next step in advancing the solution’s technology to ensure SharePoint user demands and needs are met.

Meet us in Boston at the SharePoint Technology Conference, September 16-19, 2014. We’ll be offering deep insights on SharePoint portal activity analysis, a terrific demo opportunity, smiles and more. Booth 102 and the CardioLog Analytics along with GSX Solutions await you with enthusiasm.

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