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SharePoint/Office 365 Analytics Insights at Microsoft Ignite

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CardioLog Analytics Insights for SharePoint/Office 365 – Taking Portal Reporting to the Next Level

CardioLog Analytics will be showcasing Analytics Insights for SharePoint/Office 365 as part of our SaaS solution at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta at the end of September, 2016. The addition of Insights takes the entire SharePoint/Office 365 Reporting experience to the next level, essentially leveraging analytics users with the tools they need to make informed business decisions based upon intelligent metrics and data. CardioLog Insights fills the gap that many organizations face when creating usage reports for SharePoint/Office 365. At the end of the day, the end goal for any organization is to improve their portal adoption and productivity levels, which translates to improved overall business productivity levels. An additional important aspect is the return on investment: If portal stakeholders and end-users can translate analytics reports and show improvements based on them over time, then they can easily show their management that the portal is gaining a return on investment, and more importantly, that enterprise end-users are gaining value from the portal in order to help them reach their overall business goals.

How CardioLog Analytics Can Help You Springboard from Analytics to Insights

Tracking SharePoint and/or Office 365 can be as simple as creating a few page views and active users reports. There are a variety of solutions out there that can provide these types of reports, whether it’s out-of-the-box or third party. CardioLog Analytics has taken the analytics experience one step further. With Insights and Reports embedded within SharePoint sites, end-users can easily glance at their Site Insights to understand the status of their site or overall portal, in addition to a variety of tips and case studies specifically tailored to helping them interpret the report that they see in order to make improvements based upon actionable metrics.

What are Actionable Metrics? 

Actionable Metrics are metrics that provide insights that allow the user to essentially, take action! A great report is one that tells a story, so if a report isn’t giving enough information to the user about what’s going on, a user can’t gain any value from it and can’t leverage this data in order to push their portal efforts forward. Ultimately, organizations can only manage what they measure. That’s why it’s so important for organizations to do two things:

1.) Consistently measure their portal usage. This can be done by setting up automated reports that can be sent out on a hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis

2.) Leverage report insights in order to make informed decisions regarding the portal


Portal Adoption – Be the Analytics Superstar Driving your Organization’s SharePoint Adoption Forward

The most simple way to begin measuring portal adoption is by creating reports on New Visitors. If you are trying to increase the visitors who access your portal/site, the amount of new visitors can help you see how well you’re doing to reach that goal. Tracking the amount of new visitors in a set period of time allows you to understand your general trend of new visitors. CardioLog Analytics offers a variety of visualizations that can be customized to organizational needs, informing users on the specifics of their new visitor activity.

TAKE ACTION – How to Increase the Number of New Visitors

CardioLog Analytics Insights provides users with a variety of tips on how they can take action to improve their new visitor adoption rate. A few examples include:

  • Share the site with more users so users will receive an email invitation to the portal/site
  • Add links from other sites directing users to your portal/site
  • When collaborating with colleagues, send them links to your site instead of email attachments
  • Add a promotional banner for your content on other sites

When the CardioLog team developed Insights, they didn’t just have these “tips” in mind. The team also worked with customers to develop insightful case studies that could help other organizations leverage analytics to achieve their goals based on previous customers success. In addition to providing insights based upon actionable tips, case studies were added to help inspire users and give them ideas on how they can use specific reports to improve. For example, one organization was able to detect that only 45% of permitted users accessed the site, thus they were able to improve user adoption by 86% by promotin the site on main pages in the portal.


New Visitors - SharePoint/Office 365 Insights


User Engagement and Productivity

Users can also measure their portal/site’s adoption by understanding the status of their engagement and productivity levels, including reports like Top Exit Pages, Most Popular Content, Pages Viewed Per Visit on Average, Minutes Spent in an Average Visit and more. If a site is a news or company cotnent site, a high value is a positive indicator for high user engagement. However, if your site is all about getting the information you need as quickly as possible, a small value is a positive indicator for productivity.


engagement and productivity



 Content Contributions – Because Every Bit Counts’

This reports allows you to generate statistics that indicate how many content contributions are made hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually. After you’ve assessed what type of content is being contributed in the largest sums, and what the growth rate of specific content files are over a period of time, you can transform your portal into a high quality resource that engages all your users by identifying which content items and resources are valuable assets to specific visitors, departments and to all users overall.

Adding content is an essential way users utilize the site to collaborate with others. Contributing content is a great way to make sure individuals’ knwoledge is retained and also spread to other users. If users feel that the content on a particular site is old and not relevant, they are less likely to use the site, thus affecting overall adoption rates.


Content Contributions in SharePoint/Office 365


Turning Insights into Action to Improve SharePoint/Office 365 Adoption

Now that the basics have been laid out, it’s time to take action! By utilziing these tips and case studies alongside these powerful CardioLog Analytics reports, portal stakeholders and administrators can make informed decisions based on important data that’s been collected. It’s time to stand out within the organization to become the analytics expert! Don’t let all this wonderful knowledge fall by the wayside, leverage these insights to better the organization as well as the portal and individual site experience.


Interested in learning more about CardioLog Analytics Insights? Schedule a demo today with one of our experts.

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