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Taking it easy this Holiday Season…

by Iva.isakov on

Work tends to interrupt us all the time, during vacations, sick days, and even the holiday season is no exception. If you are in the enterprise business, and you manage your own portal and website, work is constantly on your mind.

All of the unsupervised data is pouring into your system, leaving you with an enormous amount of information.

If you have not secured a good analytics system to store and organize all of the data for you until you get back, than you are justifiably worrying.

A good analytics provider will not only keep all your information sorted the way you like, it will have reports and assessments ready for you upon your return from the Holidays. All of this can be done remotely, therefore, your IT team is able to enjoy the holidays as well.

My recommendation in achieving peace of mind during the holiday season is to use Intlock’s CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite. They do excellent work, while you enjoy your holiday!

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