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Upcoming Webinar: CardioLog Analytics Introduces SharePoint Video Tracking

by Intlock Team on

Don’t miss this exciting webinar on one of CardioLog’s newest features: SharePoint Video Tracking

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Videos are clearly taking over the web. As the video phenomenon spreads, it’s no surprise that enterprises are leveraging videos within the SharePoint portal to promote cross portal communication and information distribution. CardioLog Analytics is happy to announce one of our newest features: Video Tracking for SharePoint. With the rollout of this new feature, we are offering a webinar to give you a firsthand glance at how tracking video usage in SharePoint will help you optimize your portal and engage your portal users.

Why attend this Webinar?

By attending this webinar, you have the unique opportunity to gain valuable information on one of CardioLog’s newest features, Video Tracking for SharePoint. The new reports offered by CardioLog Analytics include:

Active Videos- By tracking your SharePoint Active videos, your organization can identify and display the most useful and relevant video content in your portal. Content popularity is measured by the number of views and clicks it has received. This report will give you important metrics on which videos are being viewed, and which ones are not.

  • Inactive Videos- the Inactive videos reports gives you a list of the videos that have been seen on the page, but were not played.
  • Video Viewers- Want to know who the top video viewers are? Find out which users are taking advantage of your SharePoint videos, and which ones may need a bit of encouragement.
  • Video Interactions- Reference the Video Interactions report as it lists the top videos that are ranked by the total number of interactions with a video. This includes plays, auto plays, pauses, and stops.


Whether you’re creating videos for compliance training, CEO or executive town hall meetings, human resource policy training, or more, CardioLog Analytics is here to help you track your progress each step of the way.

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