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Upcoming Webinar with Agnes Molnar, Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP

by Intlock Team on

Examining the Key Success Factor for
Enterprise Content Management.

With Content Management continuing to be a topic of focus for SharePoint users, Intlock and Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP, Agnes Molnar, will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 focusing on the concrete Content Management use cases that demonstrate the advantages of content analytics to yield better search results and optimal content findability.

As the infrastructure of SharePoint Information develops and increases in complexity with each newly released version of the software, there are more variations of the organization of content, resulting in a comprehensive and intricate portal infrastructure.

Within the infrastructure of pages, and lists and various folders that houses the content, findability can become a challenge for users, with specific content becoming consistently more difficult to track amongst the vast range of portal content.  At times, using the Search function may not be sufficient at times.  This webinar reaches out the end user, providing information on tools and techniques that can optimize findability and help with the accessibility to vital content.

About Agnes Molnar:
Agnes Molnar has been Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP since 2008 and works as independent consultant, with a strong focus on Enterprise Search and Information Management. Her expertise extends beyond SharePoint, with years of experience with connected backend systems.  She has co-authored and contributed to several books and e-books, and she’s a regular speaker at various conferences around the globe. On her blog, she provides high quality articles and guidance covering Enterprise Search and Content Management best practices.

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