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Voice of Customer – The Ultimate Intranet Tool to Engage your Portal Users

by Intlock Team on

Would you like to finally communicate with your portal users? What are they looking for in the portal, what challenges do they face within your organization, and what feedback they have on how to improve the portal? All of this can be obtained by the help of Intlock’s new intranet – Voice of Customer tool.

It is simple: when a user enters a page, a little pop up box, with a question situated inside, appears on the right bottom corner, asking about their opinion on a certain subject.

Example of Survey:


This product will ease your work and achieve faster results in succeeding final goals:

  • Engage your audience and collect user feedback
  • Easily design and implement useful surveys
  • Discover what your portal users think
  • Receive feedback in real time
  • Identify the challenges your users face
  • Make your audience feel valued
  • Identify the challenges your users face
  • Expand your community and individual ownership

CardioLog Analytics Voice of Customer surveys leverage SharePoint Active Directory and SharePoint Profiles attributes in order to create a specific message or survey for a certain segment of your portal. CardioLog Analytics offers two ways of obtaining this user engagement and useful data:

  1. Through segmented website-satisfaction polls and page-based comments, which provide you with a wealth of opportunities to find out what is on the minds of your portal users, what their challenges are, and how you can expand your community and individual ownership.
  2. Via segmented informative messages about a specific topic, request or opinion. These messages can also be easily personalized with the user’s details and personal information, and contain private information.

Please follow the link for more information - Voice of Customer

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